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TID – THE INTERIOR DESIGN is a company born from the idea of a group of passionate young people and designers, whose aim is to individuate and show the huge value of this work, sometimes underestimated.
Our objective is to create a network where the youngest and the most creative ideas can freely flow into the current landscape of design and art (through the Hysteria Art brand), allowing the meeting between demand and supply in a simple, direct and transparent way.
Thanks to TID you will discover that Italy, and not only Italy, is full of young talented people not yet known to the general public in relation to product design and art.
Every day TID selects unique pieces and exclusive series of design and artwork around the world.
You can find the products and the artworks selected by TID at the showroom located in Baranzate at Via Monte Pordoi 8, at the gates of Milan, or you can find part of this selection directly online at the shop.



Maòli aluminum is made using all the waste that arrives in Madagascar from all over the world. It consists of old engines, airplane parts, cans, pots and pans and various cutlery. Everything is reclaimed and then cast into the earth using the method of the Stirrup Matta that was used in Europe about forty years ago.

Stirrup casting is a very ancient process, which requires time, patience and a certain amount of experience and skill in handling materials. It is an entirely manual process, therefore, which no longer takes place in industrialized countries for both technical reasons and the inability of craftsmen to intervene directly on the piece being made. At the end of the production cycle, the pieces that come out of the casting are brushed and polished until they reach the characteristic silver color that makes Maòli aluminum so special.

This is a technique in which the work of man is still the absolute protagonist. The objects that derive from it summarize all the experience and passion for the work of people who today are becoming increasingly rare and precious



Gio Minelli was born in Bergamo on December 15, 1976. While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, he attended industrial design courses with Davide Boriani and Roberto Semprini. During this period of training, he created his first projects, which lie between the object of art and industrial design, unique pieces that will soon be included in the circuit of contemporary art galleries. He is invited to important
exhibitions and fairs of the sector.

This path leads him quickly to enter the emerging segment of art design, getting noticed and approaching the emerging companies of Italian design. Among the various, very young, he creates unique pieces and installations for contemporary art events and is invited along with the major exponents of Italian design to the project “Italian design for Unicef” exposed during the inauguration of the Italian Museum of Design at the Triennale in Milan.

In his projects, he combines his artistic roots with the technologies and research typical of industrial design.


Born in Luino (VA) in 1943, he now lives in Stezzano (Bergamo).
Having graduated as a surveyor, in his life he has tried his hand at various jobs: designer, production assistant, renovations and trade. With a friend he started importing marble sanitaryware from Indonesia.
After joining the artisans, he opened a glass factory specializing in the production of aquariums and small glass furniture.
He has stayed in touch with Indonesia where he is involved in the production of wooden furniture and trade in ethnographic objects.
On the island of Java, he discovered a 3,000-year-old civilization; he reported its existence to the Indonesian government and, with the economic and political support of an Italian entrepreneur, he conducted several excavation campaigns with important findings, allowing two unemployed welders in the area to get a job.
In 2011, the designer and artist began to design and produce furnishing elements with an original technique that uses only very small iron rods, ranging from 3.5 to 8 millimeters.
He collaborates with big names such as Cleto Munari and Sandro Chia. His works have often been published on Vouge and Elle Decor and on many sites dedicated to art and design



Galleria di design

 Via Monte Pordoi, 8 – Baranzate (MI), Italy

T. (+39) 339 4988784

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