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Why visit YouNique?

Because YouNique is, as one visitor described it, "a splendid symphony of emotions".

Why visit YouNique?

Because YouNique is, as one visitor described it, “a splendid symphony of emotions“.

Such is the feeling you experience as you pass through the thirty-six rooms of Villa Ciani, meeting great master craftsmen, authentic artisans of luxury, with their sculptures, fine fabrics, mosaics, porcelain, jewellery, tailored clothing, bespoke footwear, design objects, Murano glass and much, much more.

Because YouNique is a journey that brings joy to the eyes and to the soul, and may inspire the making of special purchases of unique and artfully-crafted objects that will enrich the visitors’ own homes.

Because the thrill of the visit, to an exhibition area that is not too big, being about 2,500 square meters, makes the visitor want to linger even beyond a 3 hour stay in the frescoed rooms of Villa Ciani, admiring the displays and meeting the master craftsmen themselves, who often providing fascinating demonstrations of how they work.

Because YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design 2022 will not begin and end with highest standard international craftsmanship alone but will also present a fascinating cultural project with the exhibition “Sono Tazza di Te!” curated by the DcomeDesign Association.

Because Villa Ciani is a splendid example of the architecture of Ticino of the first half of the nineteenth century, with its numerous large windows that enjoy fine views of the adjacent lake and the grounds of Ciani Park.

Ciani Park is an enchanting green area in the centre of Lugano, scored by paths that are shaded by centuries-old trees and wind among the flowerbeds, green lawns. The red benches that invite a relaxing pause, while the statues and fountains add their own beauty to the walk. The dancing reflections of the sun on the water simply take the breath away.

Because Lugano is a beautiful city overlooking Lake Ceresio. It is an elegant setting with its own beautiful boutiques, a casino and it is set in a lush landscape. All this adds to the experience of the visitor who may leave Villa Ciani to go on to enjoy a day or two of fun and relaxation in this city.

Lugano is also in a strategic position, between the cities of Lombardy, like Milan, Como and Varese and inland Switzerland, and whether you come by car or train, Lugano is always easily accessed, and ready to be discovered and enjoyed.

This is why YouNique has been called “a splendid symphony of emotions”… and it is now more than ever a need to surround ourselves with positive stimuli that energise us and let us dream.