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The artistic evolution of Irène Fröhlich-Wiener goes through various phases, very different from each other, and  each of them represent the discovery of a new expressive mode.


Her first works are the result of the skillful working of bronze, wood and stone, often combined with each other, some of them inspired by Irene’s studies of shatsu and meditation.


In 2010 her Bronze sculpture “Family Circle” was inaugurated by the Lugano Municipality and stands in the middle of the romantic Parco Florida in Loreto.

After 30 years of carving in stone and wood and working in bronze, Irène decided to find more flexible and lighter materials. With much joy she discovered the potential of laser-cut steel and at last the freedom to use colour. That’s the birth of the “flexible sculptures”.


The desire to discover new artistic expressions leads her to the birth of Magnetic Personalities, a collection of imaginary portraits, characters made in highly fired clay, colored and mixed media mini art works that have body language! People can choose heads (all fitted with a hidden magnet) and place them on a metal « body » to change how and who they are.


“SUPPLE SCULPTURES”: in search of lightness and flexibility in the wake of the pandemic.

From 2020 Irène Fröhlich-Wiener creates entirely new flexible sculptures, defying darkness and almost defying gravity. Those works are no longer hard and heavy. Instead of bronze and stone she uses light and colorful Moos-Gummi. Humor and humility.

With this new material she tries to show the potential of positive inter-connection of mankind.

Her creations can float in the wind  or cling to windows, allowing light to shine through.




Via Cassarinetta 2, Lugano, Italia

T. (0041) 091 9945550  –  (0041) 076 3345550

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