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HYSTERIA ART Gallery was created with the intention of giving life to a place totally dedicated to culture, a real cultural bridge that revalues the importance of art as a tool for understanding and translating the understanding and translation of the contemporary historical period, where the artists themselves are interpreters absolute interpreters.
Three categories are present: Drama, Abstract and New Pop.
Drama is based on an introspective and theoretical philosophy of art;

Abstract emphasizes the search for the sign, the material and the research of the sign, of the material and the use of color;

New Pop focuses on the voracious language of the image in the style of the “horizon”. voracious hype-style image.


Daniele Basso (born on August 4th, 1975 in Moncalieri – Turin) is an Italian artist well known for his works in mirror-polished metal. Works that induce a greater awareness of ourselves in the search for our identity.
He has participated in three editions of the Venice Biennale of Art, with exhibitions and works in different parts of the world, including Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), University of the Seraphicum (Vatican), GNAM (Rome), Expo 2015 (Milan), World of Coca Cola (Atlanta), Officine della Scrittura (Turin), Museo del Parco (Portofino), Shoah Memorial (Milan) and in galleries in New York, Dubai, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv, MonteCarlo, Lugano, Milan, Turin and Bologna. In 2015 “Coke Its Me” (The Coca-Cola Company) and Gigant (SWC
Alta Badia – Unesco Park Dolomites). In 2016 “Aquamantio” (MOSCA1916) in Biella. In 2017 “Il Cavallino” (70th Anniversary Ferrari) and the awards at the 67th Sanremo Festival, for Star Team Monaco (S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco) and for Inter FC. In 2018 the collaboration with Ferrero Gallery (Ivrea) and Hysteria Art Gallery (Milan). In 2019 the collaboration with Laura Tartarelli Contemporary Art Gallery in Pietrasanta and Gabriel Art On Stage at the Teatro del Silenzio by Andrea Bocelli, directed by Luca Tommassini.

“With my work I try to explore the meaning of things and life. Each work of art expresses a message. The goal is to generate a reflection and to induce people to a greater personal and collective self-awareness.
The sculptures become symbols and monuments in which we recognize ourselves, not only as individuals, but above all as components of a unique and distinctive community. To be proud of it. Whose values are to be preserved as part of our identity. Through the pursuit of beauty I look for concrete grips and positive emotions, to stimulate consciences to the imagination, to the dream and to the project of a better future!”



Giuliano Cataldo Giancotti is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan. Born in Bern in 1990, he graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera with a thesis entitled “The transformations of Travel, from Grand Tour to contemporary travel”. His artistic research stems from his deep interest in man, architecture and nature. Giancotti is one of the pioneers among young Italian artists to use iron, which he prefers as the material par excellence of his creations. His artistic production is composed of sculptures in the traditional sense, works that interact with luminous flows or three-dimensional landscapes that are inspired by travel sketches. His artistic research is currently directed towards the design of sculptures/architectures that reflect on the transformations of Italian architecture and give life to
symbolic buildings called “The architectures of time”. He collaborates with architects and companies for the realization of environmental projects in Italy and abroad; his works are in private collections in Italy and Hong Kong


Michele Tombolini was born in Venice in 1963, where he attended art school and open courses in nude drawing.
His artistic production follows an insatiable research based on the recast of what happens around him in his everyday life, that’s why his way to communicate through art can be harsh but current and the visual impact of his artworks can be shocking. From 1990 his popularity has grown both in Italy and abroad thanks to numerous exhibitions and art fairs.

His artworks are shown in different art galleries around the world and his name can be found in many art periodicals and in the Historical Archives of the Venice Biennale, which he attended in 2013. During the last years his production has focused on relevant contemporary social issues, as can be seen also in a recent series of works strongly influenced by the artistic mood of Berlin. The major piece of the series is “Butterfly”, a 30mt high mural painting on an historical building in the center of the german capital.

Michele Tombolini collaborates with Green Art Asia (Hong Kong) – Bugno Art Gallery (Venice) – Hysteria Art Gallery (Milan) – Galleri Fineart (Oslo) – Cris Contini Contemporary (Londra) and C&Co (Cortina).



Graduated in Science of Education. After in-depth studies on psychology and sociology, since 2003 she has been working on art and design.
Kind of painting: abstractionism and minimalism.
Her research is based on the use of colors, on the feelings and positive emotions that trigger the observer.
The abstract that “captures” the positivity.
The use of colors as “wellness therapy”.
The minimal for Zen meditation.
In each artwork there is a leaflet, not so much to describe the works, but to “direct” the observer to a broader vision of the same and to make an improvement of their own self.



Liw Volpini was born in Wencheng County, located in Zhejiang Province (China), on November 9, 1983.
After the artistic high school in Crema, she enters the world of graphics and art, attends the European Institute of Design, specializing in Art Direction, comes into contact with the artistic circles of Milan and begins to make herself known with the acronym LVM. The search for balance drives the artist through human growth and itinerant aesthetics: Zhejiang, Milan, Bangkok, Sydney and again Milan. A human journey that internalizes and transmits in the works through her personal technique, RainPainting, and which will allow her to express herself in numerous group exhibitions of emerging artists and in the field of design. After experimenting with different pictorial languages, she chooses to have Uniposca, the iconic marker, as a travel companion. Canvas, paper and plaster host ethereal worlds, imaginary landscapes, micro habitats that allow it to express the fine line between lightness and restlessness, between Zen and obsessions. A constant flow, slow but inexorable, which, through a micro-emotional writing, transforms the creative flow into spores and rain and allows the artist’s cognitive contradictions to be translated into graphic signs. Each work represents an infinite plot of brief and fleeting states of mind, anxieties, hopes, memories, a pattern that is the result of a dense and patient transcription of our fragility and human mutability, of the peaks and abysses that we encounter in the eternal and intimate emotional warfare.

The viewer, having overcome the chromatic impact in its entirety, is pushed to approach the works and seek the detail, the particular, the single trait, in the ancestral and vain need to simplify the thousand facets of the flow of consciousness that colors and determines each one our.



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