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YouNique artigianalita d'eccellenza
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YouNique - Excellent Craftsmanship

the high craftsmanship on display with unique creations for quality and exclusivity
that will unfold along an emotional and charming path

YouNique Artigianalità d’Eccellenza is the exhibition-event dedicated to high artistic crafts, conceived and curated by YouNique Experience under the direction of Andrea Peri and the advice of Anty Pansera, housed in the neoclassical rooms of Villa Ciani, a fascinating nineteenth-century residence overlooking the Lago Ceresio in the heart of Lugano.



“YouNique 2018

he who starts off well is half way there …




The first YouNique – Excellent Craftsmanship” 2018 produced very encouraging results.


Since its first year, all available exhibition spaces at Villa Ciani have been taken and the whole project has been described by many influential commentators as “innovative”. It has been much enjoyed both by the enthusiastic visitors and by the exhibitors themselves, some of whom have already said that they will be back for the 2019 event.


The City of Lugano is the event’s patron, making its own very positive comments about the beginnings of the Swiss Younique, rendering city resources available to organisers and adding further impetus to future editions of the event.


YouNique 2018 brought together in a single exhibition event, four plus, each completing the other to give rise to what was a unique project:


  1. Villa Ciani and its frescoed halls made the perfect vessel for the exhibition of precious and unique objects
  2. it provided an extraordinary and emotional journey, as well as a commercial one, with the presence of the work of renowned craftsmen for luxury artefacts from various countries and the unique products of their creation
  3. there featured the important and meticulously conceived cultural project, a “Voyage through Italy”, by Anty Pansera, an acknowledged authority on superior artisan work and design
  4. also included was an area dedicated to a special journey through the outstanding Swiss, Italian and international foods and wines”



Andrea C. Peri



The historic Villa Ciani, property of the City of Lugano since 1912
and only recently available for events, has been chosen as location of YouNique


The historic Villa Ciani  has been chosen as location of  YouNique – Excellent Craftmanship because is one of the most interesting locations in Switzerland’s Ticino region. It’s situated in the city park of the same name alongside the extremely beautiful Lake Ceresio to provide a perfect backdrop for exclusive and captivating exhibitions and meetings


Villa Ciani consists of two noble floors and a top floor that will host conferences and cultural projects.
The 24 rooms that make up the two noble floors, have different dimensions and are all decorated with frescoes, stuccoes and decorations. Each of them will be an elegant setting for the exhibition itinerary.


The Villa is located in a strategic position, in the middle of the City of Lugano, that is not only Switzerland’s third most important financial centre and a conference, banking and business centre, but also a town of parks and flowers, villas and sacred buildings


Excellence and innovation in an exclusive location

Cultural exhibition

Grand Tour: a journey through the traditional ceramics

The Grand Tour

To complete a fascinating itinerary dedicated to high craftsmanship, a fascinating cultural project, still under construction, will be presented.
This itinerary will include Grand Tour, an exhibition, curated by Anty Pansera, Jean Blanchaert and Viola Emaldi, which represents a journey along Italy through its more traditional ceramics. Unique handmade works, according to the stylistic and formal principles of artistic craftsmanship, in the Italian cities of Antica Tradizione Ceramica.

Anty Pansera

Historian and critic of design, with a humanistic training, he has always been moving with a “militant” commitment from the decorative / applied arts to industrial design and has edited publications, exhibitions, reviews and conferences on these issues, also addressing unexplored fields, such as female designing, co-founder and president of the “Associazione D come Design”. From 2012 to 2015, in the Board of the Fondazione Museo del Design of the Triennale, from 2016 in the C.S. of the same body.


Wine and food exhibition

A journey through Switzerland, Italy and France
in the company of masters of taste

When it comes to artisan productions of excellence, one can not help thinking about the masters of taste.

Inside Villa Ciani, YouNique – Artigianalità d’Eccellenza will also offer a refined eno-gastronomic itinerary organized and managed by Nicoletta Rossi, the somelier of the Atelier dei Sapori.
Visitors will be able to taste delicacies from various countries including Switzerland, Italy and France, accompanied by handcrafted wines and spirits.

Soon the complete list of present realities will follow.


the high craftsmanship on show with unique creations for quality and exclusivity

YouNique – Excellent Craftsmanship, open to the selected public on next 10/11th November will host a side event organized in collaboration with Garagino. A meeting for special cars, both vintage and hypercar, carefully selected by the organizer, will meet in Piazza Manzoni in Lugano on the morning of Sunday 11th November 2018 for the pleasure of the citizens and the guests of the prestigious Villa Ciani event.

The “Artieri del Lusso” will meet the formal beauty of some of the most beautiful cars of all time! The owners of the cars will meet in Piazza Manzoni, reserved for the event, and then move to a visit to the path dedicated to the high international craftsmanship of Villa Ciani where they can admire objects that, like their cars, were created by skilled hands of craftmans. A meeting with the Arch will then be dedicated to the guests of the Garagino. Leonardo Frigerio who, with his brother, has given life to a car that is already legendary, the FF Berlinetta, followed by a toast with tasting of excellent food and wine.

At the end of YouNique Rendezvous by the Garagino, a special jury chaired by the organizer and formed by the participants themselves, will decide the winner: the most admired car of the meeting!

Participation in the meeting is limited to 25 cars. All information will be available soon to participate in the event.

Basic program:

• From 9.00 Piazza Manzoni will be available to the participants for the exhibition of the cars. The Garagino staff will be present on site.
• At 11.00 Guided tour to YouNique – Excellent Craftmanship (Free ticket included).
• At 13.00 Light lunch for the participants (TBC).
• At 15.45 Greetings to the participants and award ceremony of the most admired cars at the “Salone delle Feste” of Villa Ciani, with final toast and tasting.
• At 16.00 Return to the place of origin.