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Sono tazza di te!


L’Open call

YouNique Fine Craft Art & Design with DcomeDesign, opens the doors of Sono Tazza di Te! to Swiss artists and launches a call to all women designers, artisans, artists, architects residing in Switzerland.

The challenge is to create a cup that becomes a unique piece, a collector’s item and at the same time do charity work.

The selected works will be exhibited in Lugano during YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design on 26 and 27 March 2022, thus becoming part of the exhibition SONO TAZZA DI TE! 100 smashing women designer.


In particular, the proceeds from the sale of these pieces will be donated entirely to the Anna dai Capelli Corti association, which works in support of women affected by cancer at a young age, for the “Return to work after cancer” project.

JOIN US !!! Take part in the challenge to be selected.

For further informations, download the HOW TO PARTICIPATE” and the APPLICATION FORM or write to

The Exhibition

After the success of the last edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the exhibition SONO TAZZA DI TE! 100 smashing women designer, organized by the DcomeDesign association, curated by Anty Pansera – historian and critic of design and applied arts, Compasso d’Oro Career Award 2020 – and by Patrizia Sacchi, communication designer.

The exhibition presents about 70 pieces signed by as many women designers, or rather “craftsmen”, masters in the use of the most diverse materials, who have released their imagination to give life to the most disparate types of cups, making them become objects of desire.

Yes, because the title plays precisely on this ambiguity; SONO TAZZA DI TE! mimics the classic phrase “Sono pazza di te!”: “I’m crazy about you!”, meaning the passion, the curious and brilliant spirit that characterizes female creativity which, in this case, is released on a commonly used object, a “simple” cup in fact …

The cups on display represent the subjectivity, personality and eclecticism of the craftsmen involved, primarily in the use of the most different types of materials. From the more traditional ceramics, declined in forms and different manufacturing techniques; from glass and mosaics, passing through different types of papers and even metals such as silver and steel; marble and fabrics (loom, crochet, embroidered) up to recycled plastics and materials, without forgetting the use of the 3D printer.

The event, promoted by DcomeDesign, is sponsored not only by YouNique Fine Craft Art & Design, but also by the Fondazione Cologni / Mestieri D’Arte, the Plart Foundation, CNA-National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, AiCC – Italian Association of the City of Ceramics.


Association for the promotion and dissemination of female creativity through the conception and realization of exhibitions, events and research of female designers in the international field.

The research of a historical nature, aimed at the study of already known female figures and the enhancement of others less known or still almost completely unknown, is accompanied by social design interventions.

Research in the field of “feminine” design culture goes hand in hand with that of “craftsmen”, masters in the use of the most diverse materials.

As well as being co-founder of the association, the president of the association is Anty Pansera, critic and historian of design and art, awarded in 2020 the Compasso d’Oro Award for Career, since 1954 the most authoritative design award in the international arena


Anna dai Capelli Corti

Founded in 2015 within the Senology Center of Italian Switzerland (CSSI) directed by Prof. Dr. med. Olivia Pagani, under the guidance of Gabriella Bianchi Micheli, psycho-oncologist, the association aims to achieve the following objectives:


  • address the problems of those who have had cancer at a young age, given their specific needs (fertility, young children, career);
  • help and support young women to resume their daily life after the demanding oncological treatments and regain a psychophysical balance, gradually regaining self-confidence;
  • promote new ideas and research projects.

To confirm the social attitude that characterizes the YouNique event and DcomeDesign, the entire proceeds from the sale of the cups made by the Swiss artists, who will answer the call, will be donated to the Anna dai Capelli Corti association, for the “Return to work after cancer ” project, a study on the problems of the process of reintegration into work for young women after cancer treatment, an important challenge especially for women, basically more fragile on the labor market.

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