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YouNique Fine Art District

Villa Ciani - Lugano / 24, 25 and 26 March 2023

YouNique Fine Art District

YouNique Fine Art District is an unprecedented section of the YouNique Fine Craft Art & Design market exhibition held annually in Lugano in the prestigious and evocative setting of Villa Ciani, the beating heart of culture on the Ticino territory.

The year 2023 will kick off a new and challenging collaboration in a synergistic vision between YouNique Fine Craft Art & Design, Olg International Sa and Arts & Fashions AG, which will materialize with a district dedicated to art galleries and involving the entire 2nd. Floor of Villa Ciani: YouNique – Fine Art District.

A gem developed thanks to the valuable collaboration with OLG International Sa and Arts & Fashions Gallery, will contribute to give even more value and prestige to the Lugano kermesse, bringing to the 2nd floor of Villa Ciani a selection of the most innovative art galleries on this territory and beyond.

10 contemporary art galleries will be able to exhibit their leading artists, thus presenting new trends in the international art market.

Each room will be reserved for a different gallery, within which each exhibitor will be able to create their own path between fine art, sculptures, graphic art and Installation art.

The goal is to gather a selection of Art Gallery among the most visionary and valid for curatorial proposal, with an eye always on the new trends in the art market in a shared project aimed at presenting an appropriate proposal for art collectors and not only, attentive and curious.

A district within which in addition to the exhibition of artworks, each gallery will be able to present its own side event, including live sessions, round tables, meetings with artists, debates on the art world and much more.

With this new Floor, art. craftsmanship, design and every other creative form will be united in a virtuous dialogue tending toward excellence.

Thus, for the first time on the territory of Ticino, it will be possible to admire an original collection of contemporary galleries; which will bring names of emerging and established artists according to a specific curatorial research, and it will be possible to delve into all the dynamics behind the current art market, useful both to the most seasoned collectors, but also to those who would like to approach this world as neophytes.

With this project, the concept of art is increasingly broadened by hoping for fluid communication between all creative art forms.


Here are the galleries that will exhibit at the 2023 edition:


If you are an art gallery and would like to participate: 

call us at +41 (0) 91 6831315


write to


we’ll be happy to give you all the necessary information.

OLG Logistics

OLG International was established with the aim of logistically supporting all international brands with a focus ranging from high fashion, Luxury jewelry, interior design to visual merchandising. Over time it has also become the logistics base based in Switzerland for storage, restoration, study and display of artworks, fine wines, jewelry and watches.

Formed by a team with more than 20 years of experience, OLG is the right solution by the side of the customer offering supply chain solutions and tailored retail assortments for domestic and international distribution, specializing in international and domestic transportation and logistics management.

OLG aims to be a place where you can avail yourself of various services for the preservation but also the enhancement of your art collection. 

More than 5,000 square meters of facility dedicated to the preservation of luxury goods and a temperature and humidity controlled cell with space for the optimal storage of 90,000 bottles of wine. The complex has armored, controlled spaces with constant maintenance of facilities such as climate machines, alarm and video surveillance systems, and smoke detectors. 

OLG handles a daily movement of artwork, jewelry and bottles of fine wine.

In the Art division, the support team takes care of all those aspects related to the handling and movement of artworks in maximum security, dealing with issues such as customs paperwork, packaging, transportation and storage.

In addition to the transport aspects OLG offers the possibility of restoring, photographing and viewing in suitable spaces of its goods, as well as collaborating in projects to enhance the heritage of private collectors, public or private entities, museums and cultural institutions, through the possibility of exhibiting or publishing it. 

OLG stands not only as a supplier for the activities of other companies, but as a true partner for clients, who have the possibility of relying on a single interlocutor for a complete service. 

Collectors, art galleries, advisors, banking institutions, international fashion, jewelry and luxury design brands, but also private individuals who place their trust in OLG, entrusting their valuable assets for storage or to be moved and shipped around the world.

OLG’s Swiss-based operations hub consists of well-maintained environments including a logistics warehouse, two Class III Vaults totaling 1,000 square meters and with different accesses for the storage of paintings, sculptures, valuables, and collections of luxury goods, a restoration room and space for signature photo shoots, climatic room adjacent to the vault, equipped with state-of-the-art tools to carry out maintenance and restoration work on works of art and archaeological finds. Inside the room it is possible to carry out supporting photographic services for restoration or for the attestation of the state of preservation also aimed at the condition report and finally an exhibition space for dedicated exhibitions and events.

Switzerland has always been a reference point in the art storage sector, boasting several free points, including the one in Geneva, which was among the first to host works of immense value.

This is why OLG proves to be an excellent strategic choice for all those interlocutors aiming at the internationality of their brand.

Arts & Fashions

Arts & Fashions AG was founded in 2017 from Paolo Riccardo Sarati’s ten years of experience. From a young age he has been passionate about art and in particular the art market, both contemporary and antique, with a focus on the world of design. 

At the foundation of Arts & Fashions AG is a structure that has existed and been built up through contacts and networking for more than 25 years, among art dealers, galleries, international auction houses, collectors and connoisseurs, a work that, for these reasons, from the very beginning manages to find its market position in the difficult and complex world of Art.

Starting with a close collaboration with Milan’s most important Jewish family dealing in carpets, he developed a network of prestigious clients throughout Europe. Subsequently, he forged agreements with antiquarians of international calibre (Giorgio Baratti, Piva; etc.) and closed a deal with a group of auction houses and dealers (Finarte Casa D’aste, Semenzato Venezia) where he was in charge of all European clients and some Italian premier clients until the end of 2011. 

In the following years, in Spain, he approached the world of contemporary art to search for locations and exhibition spaces where he could create exhibitions and events of emerging individual artists, and he also collaborated with some local entities for the sale of works.

The company’s areas of operation are many: management of both private and institutional (Private Banks and Wealth Management) collections, Advisor for important owners of collections, buying and selling works of art, setting up dedicated exhibitions and fairs for its own account and for third parties, searching for works to be included in international auctions and for operators in the sector.

Arts & Fashion in the figure of Paolo Riccardo Sarati expresses all his professionalism and experience acquired over the years, making this activity a guide for all those who want to invest in art, able to direct the buyer in a path of assisted and conscious choice, also for the less experienced collector, thus offering a dedicated service according to each need.

Over the years, it identifies a number of realities in the art world, promotes them and takes care of their exclusive marketing. In addition, it continues important relationships with decades-long customers for both important works and multiples of decorative artists and aimed at selling them to companies that need works of art at an attractive price for their marketing.

 It also enters into agreements with dealers and leading antiquarians for the promotion and research of unpublished works of art on the market; alongside this, it enters into commercial agreements with a number of Family Offices and asset managers who research and purchase works of art on behalf of their top clients.

All these activities woven together over the years have enabled Arts & Fashions AG to grow more and more as a reference point in Switzerland and beyond, in a tangible feedback also in terms of turnover.

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