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Art as essence reaching the senses. It is a power involving the unconscious, the soul and the imagination.


I started my artistic journey decorating ceramic and then I have fascinated by painting on canvas with oil and acrylic technique.


My works are titled “SHE” in order to evoke an imagination in full imagination expressed by powerful

Silhouette, with a sense of delicate evolution in a contemporary context.


Enchantment, elegance, concreteness and femininity.

The gold leaf to imprint light, luxury, like its metal.

The colors, pure energy, to identify the multifaceted woman from a thousand facets.

Shades of femininity.



Evoking emotions through colors


Red: passion and desire;

blue: ecstasy and sweetness;

black: balance, mystery, tenacity, sobriety;

Fuchsia: personality, happiness, energy;

white: simplicity and ingenuity.


Everything is unique, everything is a magic joint.


Maria De Luca

Canvases in acrylic and gold leaf

Via A. Moro 601, Alzate Brianza (CO), Italy

T. (+39) 339 1101565

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