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The event

YouNique - Fine Craft Art & Design, "a splendid symphony of emotions"

YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design is an intimate and exclusive event that presents a world of high craftsmanship in all its artistic aspects. In the neoclassical setting of the rooms of Villa Ciani, a charming nineteenth-century dwelling overlooking Lake Ceresio at Lugano, the occasion is a byword for the exclusivity of the handmade, an emblematic illustration of art blending with craftsmanship, and a showcase for artisans passionately striving to create unique pieces. Visiting guests will embark on a journey that takes them through many lands and cultures.


“YouNique Lugano, a splendid symphony of emotions”


A peculiarity that makes YouNique a one-off event in the panorama of exhibitions dedicated to craftsmanship is the actual presence of true Master Craftsmen of exceptional quality who exhibit their own artifacts. It is a truly winning combination that offers the visitor a truly special and high quality experience.

Starting with next edition, YouNique Lugano will be taking place in March, the month of spring and of rebirth, grasping the energy and the desire for creativity that permeates the air at that the time of year.


YouNique in Lugano takes you on a symbolic journey through geographical areas that have a great vocation for craftsmanship, where men and women have found ways to transform their passions into wonderful craftwork, standing out as outsiders in their own fields: whether that be in ceramics or glass, mosaic or inlay, bronze or marble, fabrics, self-produced design, tailoring, jewellery, shoes, watches, furnishings, etc



During the two days in Lugano, skilled master craftsmen, artists and designers will have the opportunity to show visitors, families and professionals in the sector, not only splendid artfully made artifacts, a true hymn to creativity, craftsmanship and experience, but also some of the fascinating work phases that the public rarely has the opportunity to see.



One of the innovations brought by the 2022 edition is a new payoff .

YouNique was “Craftsmanship of Excellence”, from today it is and will increasingly be also “Art & Design”

In reality, art and design within YouNique have never been lacking but required more space and visibility.

From this year visitors will be able to admire artists, designers but also galleries who will present their best pieces and their most established or trendy contemporary artists, a constantly evolving path that aims to make our homes and homes more beautiful and unique. spaces we care about most.

YouNique exhibitors

YouNique for Tuscany

The “Special guest” of the 2022 edition of YouNique is Tuscany which, thanks to an important collaboration with Confartigianato Florence and Oma-Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte, will be present with a representation of artisan excellence.

The exhibitors coming from Tuscany, will be recognizable thanks to the “YouNique for Tuscany” plaque.

Parallel initiatives

The third edition of YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design opens its doors to the exhibition SONO TAZZA DI TE! 100 smashing women designers, an exhibition conceived by the DcomeDesign association, curated by Anty Pansera – historian and critic of design and applied arts and Compasso d’Oro alla Carriera – and Patrizia Sacchi, communication designer, with a Swiss Edition to be held during the two days of the event.


There will be 20 creations by women artisans resident in Switzerland, which will be added to the exhibition of cups already displayed with great success in Milan during the last Design Week.

Discover "Sono tazza di te!"

Completing an already fully satisfying exhibition is the first edition of the YouNique Craftsmanship Award, a prize for the exhibitor who best interprets the philosophy of the event.

Thanks to the high quality of what has been offered in these journeys, the event has enjoyed since its first edition the patronage and support of the City of Lugano and the favour of professionals in these fields.

YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design is an event conceived and curated by Andrea Peri, director, and Sonia Gaffuri, event manager, on behalf of Target Management SA.