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YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship
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YouNique - Excellent Craftsmanship 2019

where craftsmanship becomes art

““For fans of classic and contemporary craftsmanship it is not difficult to find events, exhibitions or fairs dedicated to this sector, whether of a local character, or of a wider, national or international scope.

What the most demanding enthusiasts do not easily find are those rare events that point to the “absolute”, where the rule, and not the exception, is given by the opportunity to meet great Master Craftsmen and Artists being able to admire and buy artifacts of rare beauty , artfully made and presented by their own creators.

One of these rare events takes place in Lugano, Switzerland and has a name, YouNique – Craftsmanship of Excellence


Andrea Peri

Director of YouNique Craftsmanship of Excellence

YouNique – Craftsmanship of Excellence is a market exhibition, an intimate and exclusive event dedicated to International High Artistic Crafts which takes place in mid-November in Lugano, during which visitors have the opportunity to get in direct contact with Master Craftsmen together to which they can better appreciate not only the precious artifacts on display but also the qualities and history that have made them unique in their field.

An exhibition with a high emotional impact, which wants to tell the high craftsmanship in all its artistic expressions and that, in the setting of the neoclassical rooms of Villa Ciani, a charming nineteenth-century residence overlooking Lake Ceresio in Lugano, becomes synonymous with luxury made in hand, with the charm of art that combines with craftsmanship, with passion for the unique piece, for a journey that will accompany visitors through various international territories.

YouNique Craftsmanship of Excellence wants to celebrate what is called “artfully made”, that hand-made in which creativity dialogues with manual skill, using ancient techniques that still fascinate and interest today, reinterpreting them in current and innovative forms.

During the two days in Lugano, it is possible to admire, buy, but above all meet and observe the artisans while giving life to their creations live, to understand what it means to be an art master who preserves history and traditions, but who lives in the present and dialogues with contemporaneity, using at the same time imagination and experience.

It is a journey through Italy and beyond, made up of stories of women and men who have transformed their passion in their lives and are outsiders in their field: from ceramic to glass, from mosaic to inlay and bronze, passing through the fabric, the self-produced design and the tailoring up to jewels, shoes, watches and pianos.

Each year, a cultural study always linked to the world of artistic craftsmanship completes the event.

YouNique – Craftsmanship of Excellence, thanks to the high quality of its paths, has enjoyed since its first edition the patronage and support of the City of Lugano and Lugano Region.

The event was conceived and curated by Andrea Peri, director, and Sonia Gaffuri, event manager, of Target Management, a Swiss company that has been offering high quality public and private events for years, through “tailor made” projects.


Villa Ciani, historic noble residence owned by the Municipality of Lugano since 1912, will be the splendid starting point of a renewed and articulated exhibition path in the name of excellence


The historic and neoclassical Villa Ciani, owned by the Municipality of Lugano since 1912 and only recently open to events, has been chosen as the seat of YouNique – Craftsmanship of Excellence as one of the most interesting locations in Ticino.

Inside the Villa, located in the center of Lugano, visitors will be able to admire not only the wonderful creations of the master craftsmen but also the SPLENDID SALT, mostly with frescoed ceilings and a splendid view of the Ciani Park and Lake Ceresio.


Evocative 19th century structure, adjacent to Villa Ciani, until not many years ago it was used as a nursery and only recently converted into a location for events and exhibitions.

For the first year, the Ex Asilo Ciani will be part of YouNique’s journey by presenting “YouNique Food & Wine Experience”, a “journey” between traditional, organic and vegan international food and wine excellences, open exclusively to visitors to YouNique – Craftsmanship of Excellence.

Cultural exhibition

THE ARTISAN INGEGNO, Leonardo between water and land in Friuli

L'artigian ingegno - Leonardo fra acqua e terra in Friuli

The artistic handicraft of Friuli Venezia Giulia celebrates Leonardo Da Vinci

Exhibition curated by Elena Agosti
This exhibition is a tribute to Leonardo and his talent. By combining his artistic and scientific skills, he is the perfect example of multi-faceted ingenuity: an artist who knew how to observe reality and nature through the eyes of a scientist. He received his training in Verrocchio’s workshop in Florence. A polyhedral activity was carried out in the workshop: from painting to sculptural techniques on stone, from lost wax casting to wood carving, including practising the so-called “minor arts;” but above all, the art of drawing was encouraged. His presence in the “Venices” is narrated by Luca Pacioli in March 1500. He was appointed to design some defence systems against the threats of the Turks. He studied the plan of a mobile dam to be positioned on the Isonzo river, capable of causing floods on the enemy’s strongholds on the mainland, but, due to the high cost of this project, it was never built. Instead, he designed the strengthening of the city walls of Gradisca d’Isonzo. The modern craftsman is required to have the same skills as Leonardo: he must know how to design innovative and functional works, of high aesthetic value. Moreover, just as Leonardo was overwhelmed by a passion for nature, also our craftsmen must pay attention to the origin and traceability of the materials, as well as the sources of energy. When speaking of land and water, the sensitivity of those who have the ability to do things well is conveyed, with a spirit of moral excellence that is inseparable from their respect for the environment.

Food & Wine Experience

A journey through Switzerland, Italy and France in the company of masters of taste

When it comes to artisan productions of excellence, one can not help thinking about the masters of taste.

Inside Ex Asilo Ciani, YouNique – Excellent Craftsmanship will also offer a refined eno-gastronomic itinerary.

Visitors will be able to taste delicacies from various countries including Switzerland, Italy and France, accompanied by handcrafted wines and spirits.

From savory to sweet, from traditional to vegan products, passing through the finest oils, organic and bio-dynamic wines or Champagne, closing with a good coffee of rare excellence.


Here the exhibitors:

Agrispazio, alchemical wines and universal vegan food

Cafè Los Andes, high quality coffee from Perù

CDR Pharma, food supplements

Formaggiusto, special cheese

Fruit Mantra,  fruit & vegetables

I dolci Namura  & Apenamura , small natural pastry, bio e vegan

La Sassellese Dolcezze , baked confectionery products

Panelento Lievito Madre , long leavening bread, stone-ground Bio Suisse flours

Raw-Excellence , natural wine

Restaurant “Da Candida”

Società Agricola Persiani , oil EVO

Swiss Diamond Hotel


Guests will be accompanied by the creations of  Vestire d’Arte by Anne Marie Delaby and some works by Fabrizia Milesi and Vittoria Canevascini.


the high craftsmanship on show with unique creations for quality and exclusivity

YouNique artigianalità d'eccellenza


Sabato 16 e domenica 17 novembre
dalle 10 alle 20 – Villa Ciani – Lugano
Gioielli, mosaici, sculture, ceramiche, calzature, abiti su misura e tanto
altro. 44 Maestri Artigiani nelle splendide sale affrescate di Villa Ciani
per un evento internazionale che è un inno al bello fatto ad arte.
YouNique artigianalità d'eccellenza


Sabato 16 e domenica 17 novembre
dalle 10 alle 20 – Villa Ciani – secondo piano
L’Artigian Ingegno – Leonardo fra acqua e terra in Friuli

La mostra, che celebra i 500 anni dalla morte di Leonardo da Vinci, porta la bellezza dell’artigianato artistico del Friuli Venezia Giulia fino in Svizzera.

A cura di Elena Agosti

YouNique artigianalità d'eccellenza


Sabato 16 e domenica 17 novembre
dalle 10 alle 21 – ex Asilo Ciani (accredito presso Villa Ciani)
Eccellenze vegane, bio e tradizionali si alterneranno per offrire un
percorso di sapori e profumi dedicato al gusto.
YouNique artigianalità d'eccellenza


Domenica 17 novembre
dalle 10 alle 16 – Piazza Manzoni – Lugano
20 splendide vetture storiche si metteranno in bella mostra per
curiosi ed appassionati di tutte le età.
YouNique artigianalità d'eccellenza


Sabato 16 novembre dalle 17 alle 19
Villa Ciani – sala Zanta secondo piano
Conferenza L’artigiano industriale
a cura di vsi.asai – Gruppo regionale della Svizzera italiana
Relatore: Filippo Mambretti, designer, in collaborazione con Prandina.

In occasione della conferenza , il designer Filippo Mambretti e Marco Andretta,  CEO del brand Prandina, fiore all’occhiello  del design Made in Italy e dell’illuminotecnica decorativa, descriveranno il loro rapporto progettuale e produttivo con il mondo dell’artigianato e dell’industria evidenziandone similitudini e differenze, approfondendo ed analizzando il processo progettuale e lo sviluppo della lampada “Sino”, presentata durante l’ultimo Salone del mobile di Milano in occasione di Euroluce.

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