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The locations

Villa Ciani and Palazzo Congressi, for a renewed and articulated exhibition itinerary in the name of excellence

Villa Ciani

The historical Villa Ciani has been chosen as location of YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design because it’s one of the most interesting locations in Switzerland’s Ticino region. It’s situated in the city park of the same name alongside the extremely beautiful Lake Ceresio to provide a perfect backdrop for exclusive and captivating exhibitions and meetings.
The 24 rooms that make up the two noble floors, have different dimensions and are all decorated with frescoes, stuccoes and decorations. Each of them will be an elegant setting for the exhibition itinerary.

Palazzo Congressi

At YouNique 2022, in addition to the historical splendour of the Villa Ciani venue, there will also be an exhibition area at Palazzo Congressi, a modern and extremely functional structure that fortuitously physically borders Villa Ciani. A glass tunnel connecting the two locations means that YouNique will be able to grow in size and add to what it is able to offer, presenting an even more interesting and diverse exhibition path with a range of services that are all, so to speak, under one roof.

Villa Ciani and Palazzo Congressi, in addition to being the venue for the exhibition of artisans, artists and designers, will host the collateral initiatives of the event:

The cultural journey of the 2022 edition will be dedicated to the exhibition “Sono Tazza di Te! 100 smashing women designer” by the DcomeDesign Association

See "Sono Tazza di Te!"

As well as this, there will now be space for such amenities as the bar with adjacent lounge area, and rooms for meetings and workshops.