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Fondazione Cologni and its MAM artisans

The patronage of the FONDAZIONE COLOGNI MESTIERI D’ARTE  is an opportunity to remember all the MAM awardees who have been and will be present at YouNique Lugano


Receiving the patronage of the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte  is a source of pride for our event and for those who have worked with dedication since the first edition to keep the level of the exhibition itinerary high, and for this we must thank its general manager Alberto Cavalli, who wanted to grant us this recognition.


Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte can be defined as the “armed arm” of a patron of our times,  Franco Cologni, who in 1995 wanted to create this non-profit institution, of which he is still President, in order to promote a series of cultural, scientific and popular initiatives for the protection and dissemination of art crafts.


The activities of the Foundation are many. Among the others:

  • Through its editorial series, it reproposes the stories of excellence in know-how and design from different points of view, with the aim of making the professions of the great Italian artisan tradition known and loved by young and old alike


  • With the training internships of the project «Una scuola, un lavoro. Percorsi di Eccellenza» has been actively supporting the training of young people in high craftsmanship and their entry into the world of work for 10 years.


  • Thanks to the Foundation, the platform was born and developed in 2016, an aggregator for research, knowledge and sharing of everything that is “well done”, carried forward by a community of users and experts, within a gratifying and culturally evolved social experience, built to promote the vast panorama of initiatives related to quality craftsmanship.
    Thanks to the continuous search for excellent craftsmen through the reference circuits and through a mechanism of reviews from users and recommendations from ambassadors, Wellmade aims to become a tool for knowledge and interaction.

… But we will talk about this in more detail on another occasion, YouNique Fine Craft Art & Design being one of the circuits of this community!


In our opinion, one of the most interesting initiatives of the Foundation was the establishment of the MAM – Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere award, a special recognition dedicated to excellent Italian Masters of Arts, active in 23 different categories of artistic craftsmanship: from ceramics to jewellery, wood and furniture, from metals to mechanics to mosaics, from leather goods to art printing to restoration, from the professions of the theater to textiles… up to the crafts of taste and the art of hospitality.

With this biennial initiative, an independent “Maestro d’Arte” title has been created in Italy to enhance and bring to the attention of the general public and the media the extraordinary work of some of the most significant protagonists of our high craftsmanship: established masters who are distinguished by particular professional merits and for the activity carried out in favor of the transmission of knowledge to the younger generations, preserving an unrivaled heritage of art, culture and productivity.


This award has been an inspiration for the YouNique staff in the research and involvement of many of our exhibitors, because it is a guarantee of the high quality of the awarded craftsman.


In fact, over the years there have been many MAM awarded artisans who have participated in YouNique since the first edition:


Discover them with us in their dedicated tab:


Alessandro Rametta

Beatrice Barni con Rose Barni

Bottega Vignoli Ceramiche

Caterina Crepax

Giuseppe Rivadossi con Falegnameria Rivadossi

Ferruccio Padoa

Fratelli Traversari Mosaici

Marta Cucchia  con tessitura a mano Giuditta Brozzetti

Miriam Maura con la Fondazione Scuola Merletti di Gorizia

Pietro Virzi 

Rivolta Calzoleria

Travisanutto Mosaici

Vivian Saskia Wittmer scarpe su misura


This year as well there will be two Masters of Art who have received this precious recognition: LORENZO PUSTERLA and LORENZO FOGLIA…. but we will tell you about them in a future newsletter!!