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Donatella Baruzzi graduated from the Brera Academy, she has experience and training in balance between art and ceramic craftsmanship. In the 90s she collaborated with her father Glauco Baruzzi, artist and teacher of painting at the Brera Academy, creating large-scale terracotta projects based on his design.


The preferred materials are porcelain and terracotta with a very distinctive texture: one is elegant, the other more rustic.

Earth, water, air, fire are the elements involved in modeling her works, from the raw state to the firing in the kiln.


Since 2008, parallel to sculpture and to the production of furnishing and design objects Donatella exhibits new elaborated works which present combinations of raw and refined materials, where painting, textile, embroidery threads and ceramic fragments, create formal compositions that express balance and meditation.


In the most recent works I believe it’s important to highlight the happy balance achieved between technique and invention, between form and sign, between classic and modern.

It’s evident in these works the background of the artist: a refined ceramist who from time to time reinvents the specific language of the material, turning to new expressive results.

Love for work and artisan knowledge, made of precision, attention to the smallest details, untiring dedication that is realized in works that are only apparently fragile but, on the contrary, rich in their intrinsic strength

And this force comes naturally as a need for clarity in the sober layout, in the delicate chromatic relationships, in the subtle play of materials that dialogue in textures, weaves and thin thickness.

The great tradition of glazed ceramics is combined with painting and new languages, and there is all that industrious, feminine attention, in combining fragments, marking with thread, embroidering as to better fix simple and natural concepts.

Yes, because, as already mentioned in connection with the numerous exhibitions of Donatella Baruzzi, nature is the theme of constant inspiration, the encyclopedic alphabet of forms and textures, vital and creative energy.


The names of her works often include the geographical coordinates of places that inspired her imagination, “Sahara 15°30’E 26°41’N” will be exhibited at YouNique 2022, the area where Bedouins and Tuareg find desert roses; this work has already been exhibited at “Sono Tazza di te” curated by Anty Pansera and Patrizia Sacchi at Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano in Milan.


About her work wrote Adriano AntoliniGlauco BaruzziFlaminio Gualdoni, Mario Quadraroli, Mario Giavino,



Ceramic art

Via Atto Vannucci 11, Milano, Italia

T. (0039) 02 89057278

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