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In Alessandro Saggio’s drawings, patience and immediacy, slowness and speed coexist: the representation of reality is faithful and precise, yet the fiter of his gaze manages to fi a spontaneous movement of nature that lasts an instant.

The drawing technique (pen, India ink, graphite powder) has always represented the emblem of precision but the fusion with the subjects manages to make it the perfect companion of what is an extremely instinctive work.

The subjects that Saggio portrays are always part of nature – of the essential impact it has on our lives: whether it is a face that stands out in the light, an animal that shows itself in all of its supremacy or a landscape that we just can’t stop watch.
The artist’s main inspiration comes from observing the forms that attract and fascinate him, and are the real subject and object of his study.

Deprived of frills, the subject remains only a set of shapes: it is the shapes that affct the light, block or let the sun pass, create shadow cones that turn into ink…

The attraction that Saggio has for forms is not accidental: he began his artistic journeywith photography, which requires a lot of observation and attention to lights, shadows and shapes.

Observation and attention to details are the thread that unites his photographs and his drawings, which create an antithesis where his almost maniacal precision and rigor represent both the impromptu and the impulsiveness of nature.”

Maria Letizia Tega


Alessandro Saggio

Artist, fine arts

Via Provinciale 281, Valsamoggia (BO), Italia

T. (+39) 393 9625508

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