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Alessandro Rametta was born in 1974 in Milan, where he lives and works.

An autodidact sculptor, a careful and silent researcher, struck by the infiite possibilities of metal at the age of sixteen , Alessandro Rametta heard the echo of long-lost memories, the familiar call of a material which holds ancient secrets. Intuition soon became vocation.He studies Philosophy at the Italian University of Perugia, where he explores the relationship between humans, matter and technique: a complex dialectic within arts and philosophy, that he will continue to study on his own with an aim to discover the source, the very root of this wonderful bound that will never cease to surprise him.

In 1997 he established La Fucina di Efesto, working on the grounds of the philosophical aesthetics of arts, design and architecture. Alessandro developed his own technique, refied yet original, experimenting with and exploring the materials which he believes to
have still today, after thousands of years, the highest expressive and unexplored potential.

In 2019 he presents two new, unprecedented techniques: “Barba del fiosofo” (Philosopher’s beard), made of an alloy of copper and tin, and “Astroblema” (Meteorite Crater), made of stainless steel, thus marking the beginning of a new and feverish season.
A contemplative relationship with the matter and the great amount of time needed to sculpture enable Alessandro to make unique artworks.
He partners with Masters of Arts and Design, makes sculptures for art collectors in Italy and abroad, introduces the young to craft and ethical principles, believes in the discipline of hand, mind and spirit.

“Not through the way of words, but through the way of a silent daily practice, a philosophical way of acting, a self-enriching work, an anthropo-technique and a creative ethics fid their expression in the act and gesture. By dignifying metal, I dignify myself ”.


ALESSANDRO RAMETTA – La Fucina di Efesto

Metal sculptures and furnishing accessories

Via A. Cesari 17, Milano, Italia

T. (0039) 348 7622365

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