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Zagara Milano Home

The need to fill a gap and the desire to always have a bit of Sicily with you. From here Zagara Milano was born, a corner of Sicilian tradition in the heart of the Milanese capital, designed to meet the needs of all those who have a trinacria in their heart.

From ceramics, handcrafted by the best Sicilian artisans, to gastronomic excellences, sweet and savory, from jewels, unique handmade pieces, fragrances and essences for the environment, to furnishing accessories. Zagara Milano preserves the tradition of an ancient and lively land, which smells of sun, salt and citrus fruits. A land that does not give up on quality, popular charms, its own regional culture, rich and simple at the same time.

Thus, from that nostalgic idea of need and desire, today, Zagara Milano is a point of reference for Sicilian craftsmanship in the capital of design. For those who live in the city, for those just passing through, for the curious and creative, for gourmets and traditionalists, or for those who simply need to find that “piece of Sicily” in the heart of Milan.





Sicilian Handicraft, Interior Design, Sicilian Pastry

Via Vincenzo Monti 2, Milano, Italia

T. (0039) 02 49780409

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