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Born in Pescara in 1947, Roberto Cipollone (Ciro) spent his days around his father’s artisan foundry while still a child. Guided by a deep love for nature and at the same time by a spiritual inclination towards Beauty, he tried from a very young age to seize every opportunity to express this part of himself through small artefacts, canvases, drawings or engravings.


Since 1977, he has been in Loppiano, near Florence, where he still lives and works today. Here, in 1982, he opened ‘La Bottega di Ciro’, a medieval-style art workshop. A very wide range of materials are used for his works: wood, iron, stone, fabric- always waste material, which he considers to be the most full of life.


La Bottega di Ciro


Via Montelfi 8 Loppiano, Figline e Incisa Valdarno, Italy

T. (+39) 055 8339703

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