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We are two sisters, Marcela and Graciela, of Colombian origin but with a personal experience that makes us both feel citizens of the world.

Graciela did an apprenticeship in Milan as a goldsmith, which was followed by a 20-year work experience in Italy, which earned her two important awards: the first one from the Museum of Decorative Arts in Spain and the second one in Italy, during the Salone del Mobile 2021.

So we decided to combine our respective skills and give life to our brand: AMORIDORO.

For more than three years, AMORIDORO has been based in the canton of Thurgau and it is a great honor for us to be able to participate in Younique 2023, which this year takes place in Ticino.

Our jewels are the materialization of the emotion that awakened the creative spark and the joy that ignites the hearts of those who choose to wear them. In this sense they are unique pieces, and they are also unique because of the way they are made.

We specialize in creating them with the lost wax technique, which belongs to our Colombian goldsmith tradition. This technique is rigorously applied to each piece of jewelry to obtain organic and unconventional shapes, transforming some of our pieces into small sculptures, each with its own history and inspiration.

Thanks to the continuous research to evoke emotions, together with the respect for nature and the artisanal expression of our work, our “Tagua” collection was born.

Tagua, also called vegetable ivory, is the fruit of one of our tropical palm trees.  It is a material characterized by its whiteness, noble in its elaboration and above all ecological and purely Colombian.

On this basis of value we have combined our Sacred Seed with another of our territorial preciousness: Colombian emeralds.

For this edition we have created simple, elegant but impressive pieces, precisely because of the beauty of the combination between seeds and jewelry, which by themselves speak and enchant.

AMORIDORO jewelry always has a story and a tradition to tell.


Amori d’Oro

Designer jewelry and jewelry re-styling

Seezelgstrasse 25, Altnau, Svizzera

T. (+41)  79 1550094

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