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Fulvio Maria Scavia
«There are places in the memory where my heart looks back over the history of my family, which is the history of three generations, since 1911: my grandfather’s, my mother’s and mine.
I inherited my mother’s refined taste in design, her feeling for colour. I learned to first view clearly in my mind and only then take a pencil and draw, large and plastically.
I have followed this company step by step, like a father with his children. I have seen it grow, little by little, and have shared every moment with it, savouring each small and large success. Now I look for the future in the eyes of my son Alessandro, with the hope he will continue to add to this history that began so long ago.»

Alessandro Maria Scavia
«I have always been fascinated by the  “purity of the gesture” both in architecture, in painting, in sculpture, in graphics and
therefore also in goldsmith design.
It is the ineffable simplicity of a gesture, of a line…
It is the maximum synthesis of a story, perhaps even complex, which is sublimated in the “purity of a gesture”.
I believe that the contemporary female world is very sensitive to this message, regarding both more everyday jewels and pieces of greater commitment:
great simplicity that does not mean banality… synthesis of line, pure gesture!»


An ancient art «As a craftsman I learned to love the atelier, spending day after day there and sharing with my team of goldsmiths the passion for innovation and perfection.
Because a jewel, to merit the name, must be more than just the sum of the venal values of the materials of which it is composed: it first requires an idea, then the technical perfection to realise it, and then the finest of materials to give them form».




Via San Pietro Pambio 1, Paradiso, Svizzera

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