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Nannini Mirto

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nannini mirto
nannini mirto
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The history of our company began in the 50s, with the founder Mr. Mirto who dedicated himself to the restoration and realization of marble inlays for churches and public buildings, through the ancient technique of “Florentine Commesso”, born in the second half of the 16th century and became famous with Ferdinando I de ‘Medici. Commesso, from the Latin word “committere” (put together, unite) indicates precisely the composition of artworks with the use of marble and hard stones of various colors, cut and shaped according to a certain design so that the junction lines between the various pieces were practically invisible, so as to obtain representations as close as possible to the painting.

With the passing of the years the passion and the desire to spread this technique led to the evolution of the company from a small artisan workshop to a company able to impose its name as one of the most exclusive niche producers in the marble inlay sector, in all the world. The works of our company has become a flagship for high Italian craftsmanship, demonstrating that creativity, passion and art can hardly be fully replaced by technology. The care of every little detail and the quality of the product are the guiding principles of our daily activity, starting from the research of marbles and stones, the design and realization of the drawings up to the installation of the finished product.

Perhaps it is from these ideas that these marbles and those so cold stones are able to give off an incredible warmth through their arabesques, shades and bright colors and to ensure that our company has created works of global importance.

Nominating a small part of these works we find the construction of the throne room Principality of Monaco, various works for royal residences: Morocco, Sultanate of Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan Australia. Coatings for some metropolitan stations in Moscow. Flooring and coatings for public and private buildings. Hotels: floors of the Four Seasons George V in Paris, realizations of works for churches, mosques and museums. Restoration of the Milan Cathedral’s pavement. (USA) Texas War Memorial Warren Greenwood Funeral Home Fort Worth. United Kingdom: WindsorCastle floor. Russia: Kazan capital of the Republic of Tartarstan, floor and lectern of the largest book of the Koran in the world. (Moscow) Holy icons by Andrej Rublev, Altars at the Danilov monastery. Baptismal font at the Tserkov Antipiya church.

In all this, all the work carried out for cruise ships and private yachts for lovers and connoisseurs all over the world should not be forgotten.

Everything we produce is rigorously made behind a project, a reason that makes every single work practically unique and exclusive. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our commitment. This rule has meant that in all these years our work was appreciated by an increasing number of people, one day we hope you will be part of it.

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