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Marco Mancini’s story begins in 1978 when a master goldsmith, watching him work fine strings of gold, understands the innate talent he has and foresees a brilliant future for him.

His father Elio immediately believes in him and in 1982 after an important experience in a prestigious goldsmith’s workshop in Rome, he encourages him to open his own laboratory in Civitavecchia where Marco soon becomes a reference point for the whole community.
From being an apprentice to becoming a master goldsmith, a role model for his own children who today can claim heritage from his work.

From being a scholar in the workshop to his meeting with the Pope; Marco’s story is that of an extraordinary life, passed in transforming the unreal into real, creating timeless objects with the maximum expressions of precision and creativity.



Artistic objects are like ships setting sail in the immense seas of time. Just like “Navalia” a refined gift given by Marco to the city
where he was born. A timeless piece of art, rich in minute handmade pieces, precious stones and symbolic references to the history and traditions of this sea-faring city.
A masterpiece in jewellery and technology.
An extraordinary priceless book which has mounted complex mechanisms enabling the opening of the pages and the reading of its contents. 4.5 kilograms of silver laminated in 24 kt. gold was used to make Navalia.
The cover of the sculpture represents an ancient bollard dating back to 1519, and a lion’s head with a ring ending in a diamond shape between its jaws hence becoming the symbol of Marco Mancini’s work.



Jeweled glasses in gold and diamonds and high-quality handcrafted and bespoke jewelery

Via Trieste 18/b, Civitavecchia (Rm), Italia

T. (0039) 0766 32776 (int.2)

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