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Giòsa. The luxury of a craftsman’s laboratory as a matter of style.


The brand Giòsa has an unique way of thinking. Their pieces are manufactured according to wishes of a very special clientele, who enters the atelier not only to purchase a product but to start a process which leads them to the fulfillment of their own particular desires. This is the philosophy on which the Giòsa brand is based on, that craftsmanship’s philosophy that still today fascinate, surprise and aim to create exclusive products that charm.


La Bottega Del Coccodrillo is not only a name but a fact. An atelier combined with a showroom that overlooks Via Ciovasso, in the Brera district, one of the most characteristic places of old Milan. The place was not randomly chosen, but in was indeed an intentional choice that aims to separate the brand Giòsa from the Fashion System’s hustle. The district of Brera is formed by an agglomeration of Antique Dealers, Art Galleries and Goldsmiths. It’s in this atmosphere, where uniqueness and human relations are priority values, that Giòsa established their business.


The particular way to work the crocodile leather is, before being a business, a family history, a reality in which Giòsa was borned. A world that has always fascinated Giorgio Santamaria from his childhood. This story begins in the 1950s when Giorgio’s father, Santo Santamaria, transformed a small craftsman’s laboratory into a larger business activity based on the reptile leather manufacture on behalf of a third party. For about 30 years he has worked for the most famous Italian and foreign brands, acquiring creative inputs and applying all his vast know-how for very well known designers and brands.


In the 80’s, an important internationalization process allowed Giorgio to travel, especially to Japan, where the high quality level of the Made in Italy has always been vastly appreciated. When Giorgio took over the family industry, he faced an important issue: being the cutter for third parties or starting a new project, his own business based on his long-experienced knowledge. In 2004, Giorgio finally started the Giòsa brand. In this context he was free to experience, create and propose his personal and unique idea of the most iconic and luxurious crocodile items. He developed the ability to merge the traditional working techniques of how to handle the most precious leathers with the modern and innovative way to treat them. All the Giòsa bags are sophisticated, elegant but, above all, clients have the option of customizing their own bags.


According to Giòsa’s philosophy, with time, the pyramid of luxury requires more exclusivity and perfection. The time of homologation is passed, and, thanks to the fact to have a shop  overlooking the street, Giòsa has the perfect balance between establishing daily relations with not only a regular clientele but also with people who enter the atelier occasionally. Giòsa has become a reality bringing the finest craftsmanship and producing unique pieces intended to satisfy each costumer’s necessity. This is the real difference. Whoever enters La Bottega Del Coccodrillo can make their dreams become a reality… they don’t find a mere fashionable accessory or an item to buy, but a group of people which leads them to the fulfillment of their wishes, starting from the choice of colors to the most sophisticated finish, giving birth to their own personal style.



Luxury handcrafted leather goods

Via Ciovasso 6, Milano, Italy

T. (+39) 02 86997441

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