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Fosca Rovelli

fosca rovelli a younique dettaglio
fosca rovelli raku

Graduated in conservation and restoration, she currently dedicates herself to an artistic practice that ranges between different disciplines both in the field of painting and ceramics.

Pigments, marble dust, argillaceous, oxides, waxes, etc. are just some of the materials used by the artist, sometimes combined with recycled materials, witnesses of past and future life.

Her continuous research in the ceramic world is mainly addressed to the various firing techniques (Raku, Pit Firing, Obvara, Paperclay) where the four elements are renewed and transformed, giving life to her works.

Currently her work is focused on the use of the Paperclay technique, a vital part of the modern potter’s repertoire with extraordinary qualities that allow to incorporate recovered materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, vegetable fibres, etc.

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