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Eva Mun

eva mun
Eva Mun
eva mun bottiglie e ciotole
eva mun dettaglio

With her original ceramic accessories, Eva Mun seeks to express a philosophy that is deeply rooted in the tradition of Renaissance Majolica, yet decisively infringing upon its rules with regard to formal research and the use of experimental shades of colours.

Her proposal is a kind of Ceramic Art whose design is original and unusual, a perfect match for a house aiming to keep up with the times. Her creations are dedicated to a refined customer base attentive to quality and detail.

Colour is yet one more distinctive note in the works of Eva Mun. It can be light at times, sometimes more intense, yet never trivial, with contrasting combinations of colours in which glossy, glittering finishes blend seamlessly with satin and matte glazes.

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