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Beauty and the Beast_Xu De Qi
Super Xu_Xu De Qi
Zhang Hong Mei

Madeinartgallery is a gallery and exhibition space of contemporary Chinese art in constant evolution due to the importance of the artists and the projects they are called to work on internationally, with the collaboration of Diffusione Italia International Group.


Our focus is contemporary China in its artistic and cultural expressions.


In order of the exhibition held at the Fabbrica del Vapore “China-The new frontier of Art”, promoted by the Municipality of Milan with the curatorship of Vincenzo Sanfo, Madeinartgallery is pleased to present at YouNique 2024 the project of these artists of undisputed cultural value.


Our main artists are :


Zhang Hong Mei, named the“ The Queen of Art”multifaceted leading figure in the Asian Art scene for the depth of her colors and the historical significance of her works, also present in Venice Biennale of Art in 2015 and 2021 for edition of Biennale Architecture.


Xu De Qi, advocate of new Chinese pop Art of a joyful and playful type whose “ China Girls” and “Fish Girls” as a symbolic image of the new millennial generation, with his participations during Venice Biennale 2015 and 2019 with the series “Beauty and the Beast”.


Song Yongping, historical artist of the first hour collected by the Getty Museum in addition to being present with his works “ The white cover book”


Ma Yuan, one of the leading exponents of Zen philosophy, present at the Venice Biennale in 2015 with his rigorous and sophisticated conceptual installations.


Luo Zhi Yi, a young and brilliant artist, comparable in pictorial technicality to Rothko and Morandi,


Xing Jun Qin one of the founders of the 798 district of Beijing.


Madeinartgallery  represents Xiao Lu , famous performer counted among the 70 most influential artists of contemporary China present until January 2018 at the Guggenheim in New York as part of” Art and China after 1989”, famous for her emblematic “Gunshot”in 1989 at the National Art Museum in Beijing, where attracted the attention of the world and Chinese society. Chen Wen Ling, already known in Italy for his recognition at the Venice Art Biennale in 1999, one of the most recognized sculptors of contemporary China, now collected by the most important merchants and gallery owners.


Among the artists of the latest generations but already present on the international scene, since 2023 we represent Ren Zhe and Qian Wu, both known for projects linked to important collaborations, the first with Adidas and Cadillac, the second with the company Xiamen Airlines for the presentation of the first “Blue Series” art-themed cabin.



Our headquarters is currently in Via Visconti di Modrone 33, San Babila / Montenapoleone district Milan ( Italy )


Curator • Vincenzo Sanfo

Art dealer • Claudio Calò

Owner- artistic director  • Laura Peluso

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Chinese contemporary art

Via Visconti di Modrone 33, Milano, Italia

T. (0039) 02 40091746  –  339 5840040 – 338 5828833

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