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MARCH 2025 28 – 29 – 30
with the patronage of:
with the patronage and contribution of:
MARCH 2025 28 – 29 – 30

with the patronage of:

Michelangelo Foundation for creativity and craftsmanship
with the patronage and contribution of:
Citta di lugano
my own lugano region

YouNique Boutique Fair of Arts

YouNique changes skin with the new edition, accompanied by a rebranding that arises from the need to express and communicate a growth that has matured over the past five editions.

A new payoff and a new graphic design:

Fine Craft Art & Design becomes Boutique Fair of Arts

“Boutique Fair” because one of the peculiarities of YouNique since the first edition has been that of being a small treasure chest capable of containing within it “the artfully made beauty”. And this is how the wonderful Villa Ciani has become the custodian of unique works capable of surprising and conquering visitors.

“Arts” because during the five editions contemporary art, in its many forms and expressions, has gained ever greater space and relevance, without however obscuring the presence, much appreciated by visitors, of designers and master craftsmen of great cultural and artistic depth , as Miki Eleta or Lorenzo Foglia were in 2024.

The VI Edition of YouNique – Boutique Fair of Arts is therefore emerging in a renewed light. The works that can be admired and purchased on 28, 29 and 30 March 2025  are nothing other than the most striking and exciting expression of genius, creativity and “know-how” of women and men out of the ordinary.

The success of the past editions of YouNique has demonstrated how alive the desire of visitors is more than ever to surround themselves with unique and unrepeatable works, not to be purchased through an e-commerce but directly from the hands of those who created them or from gallery owners capable of tell its genesis, respecting the uniqueness and value of each Art.

The winning concept of the last edition, now a distinctive sign of YouNique, is also confirmed for 2025, which will see the presence along the exhibition itinerary of Villa Ciani of contemporary art galleries, independent artists and a selected representation of master craftsmen of absolute excellence.

How – and more than in the past – artists and master craftsmen will animate YouNique with their live performances, a way of interacting with the public that visitors have shown they appreciate.

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