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Atelier Dall’Osso – Trasparencies

The Atelier Dall’Osso is a creative studio in Casole D’Elsa near Siena, that came about as the result of the meeting of Davide Dall’Osso and Maria Vittoria Gozio.

He the sculptor, and she the creative director, met in Milan in 2006. In 2013 they create the “Atelier Dall’Osso”, a studio for sculpture, art-design, installations and jewellery in Tuscany.
Together in life and job, their  work takes us on a journey through their ideas on art, transparencies and the hybridization of materials.
Their starting point is the interaction between art and the continuous transformation of the contemporary world.

Their creations are made using 80% recycled industrial polycarbonate.
It is ethical and sustainable art that respects the environment, with a clear vision of our future.