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Her refined sculptures seem to come from some remote dimension, from a distant and ideal world, filled with bewitching light and wondrous colours. Although built in bronze, these works of art appear delicate, fragile and weightless.

The Corals, distinct in conveying the same attraction that we feel when in the presence of natural mysterious and complex forms, invite a quiet contemplation of the sea depths where the slow and rhythmic movement of the currents dictates the passing of time.

The positive and vivacious range of reds, both bright and flaming, act as a counterpoint to the vibrant movement and pleasing tactile experience that the lamellae yield when caressed.

The sculptures allow the viewer a sense of the images and sensations that the artist carries in her heart; memories of personal experiences and voyages in faraway and exotic places.

Born in Sorengo, Switzerland, in 1965, Claudia grew up in Milan. Always eager to encounter new cultures, she spent seven years living in Shanghai and four in Singapore which brought a new connection with such a diverse philosophy that her oil painting, a passion since the age of five, took a completely new path in terms of maturity and vision. Some years later, in 2006, upon her return to Canton Ticino, Claudia discovered a new passion, that of sculpture, to which she now dedicates her gift in a constant journey of stylistic and personal growth.


Claudia Hartmann


Vico Morcote, Svizzera

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