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Minako Shimonagase

minako shimonagase a younique
minako shimonagase ritratto

Breathtaking beauty of Minako Shimonagase’s Beaded Flower is her crystallized sensibility woven into delicate petals. Radiance of these masterpieces never wilt, enrich various scenes in life as seasonal flower decoration or as wedding bouquet.

Arranged with intricate yet dynamic expressions and dimensions, her artwork is highly recognized not only in Japan, but internationally. Beaded Flower originated in Venice, Italy where beads were first born. Now with her fine craftsmanship and creativity, Minako established a new Japanese modern style to the art.

2mm glass beads are threaded piece by piece using custom made wires. In 2012, with over 3 million beads, she created world’s biggest beaded flower “Cherry Blossom of Hope” (H200×W300 cm).

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