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Ileana Benati Mura

ileana benati mura mani
ileana benati mura a younique
ileana benati mura vasi
ileana benati mura piatto

“I believe that the decoration of ceramics must never be “copied” from historical models, but reworked according to personal tastes and creativity, while maintaining, however, the artistic canons of the reference era.

At first the oriental art, then the European one from the XVI to the XVIII century … this is how my production developed. The artist is a visionary, in front of the white object (be it a vase or a canvas). He sees, or perhaps better, feels, what will make him live, the painting that will give him a soul.

Historical and iconographic research is at the base of my accomplishments: unique pieces that require long processing times and are therefore aimed at a clientele that knows how to appreciate its quality in all its aspects, design and execution.

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