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dedalica con sfondo toscana
dedalica a younique

Dedalica produces loudspeakers, as a unique Florentine handicraft and is able to combine aesthetics and acoustic quality with clean and minimalistic design.

All the products are hand-built with terracotta, using the old principles and techniques of the ceramic craftsmanship of Impruneta, the same ones used by Brunelleschi to build the cupola of the Duomo of Florence.

Expert master blacksmiths work raw metal to transform its shape and create the structural elements that support the loudspeakers. A “made in Italy” art that, combined with exceptional sound engineering, creates a unique sound experience in a distinctive and exclusive design.

Dedalica gives voice to terracotta allowing you to listen to the sound of the earth, and every space is enhanced with a unique piece of Tuscany.

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