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Silvia Gazzina, a pleasant and unexpected encounter

… and then you have those lucky days when, while you are walking through the streets of Volterra, you come across a small window that attracts your attention, also thanks to the “Artigiano OMA” sign posted on the glass. You enter and discover a world away from the spotlight, which acts behind the scenes with a slow work, made of gestures with an ancient flavor.

📜 Silvia Gazzina, restorer of ancient papers, doesn’t need likes or followers to give value to her work, she doesn’t have a website and she doesn’t have a social page. What gratifies her is the satisfaction of being able to save, with the mastery of her hands, a document from the past, whether it is an ancient book or a more recent archive, in danger due to neglect and time.

📃 We met her intent on restoring an archive from the 1940s attacked by molds and a string of the Diocesan Historical Archives of Volterra from 1500, which, thanks to her patient work, can be handed over to future generations.

Leave the shop after a pleasant chat and feel that your weekend trip has been enriched with an important encounter and an experience that you will remember for a long time and will want to tell when you get home