YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship


Villa Ciani, historic noble residence owned by the Municipality of Lugano since 1912, will be the splendid starting point of a renewed and articulated exhibition itinerary dedicated to excellence


The historical Villa Ciani has been chosen as location of YouNique – Excellent Craftmanship because it’s one of the most interesting locations in Switzerland’s Ticino region. It’s situated in the city park of the same name alongside the extremely beautiful Lake Ceresio to provide a perfect backdrop for exclusive and captivating exhibitions and meetings.

Villa Ciani consists of two noble floors and a top floor that will host conferences and cultural projects.
The 24 rooms that make up the two noble floors, have different dimensions and are all decorated with frescoes, stuccoes and decorations. Each of them will be an elegant setting for the exhibition itinerary.


A suggestive 19th century structure, adjacent to Villa Ciani, used until not many years ago as a kindergarten and only recently converted into a location for events and exhibitions.

For the first year, the Ex Asilo Ciani will be part of YouNique’s journey presenting “YouNique Food & Wine Experience”, a “journey” among the traditional, international, organic and vegan food and wine excellences, open exclusively to visitors of YouNique – Excellence Craftsmanship.

con il patrocinio ed il contributo di:
Lugano Region
Citta di lugano