YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship

YouNique - Excellent Craftsmanship

the high craftsmanship on display with unique creations for quality and exclusivity

that will unfold along an emotional and charming path

“YouNique 2018

he who starts off well is half way there …


The first YouNique – Excellent Craftsmanship” 2018 produced very encouraging results.


Since its first year, all available exhibition spaces at Villa Ciani have been taken and the whole project has been described by many influential commentators as “innovative”. It has been much enjoyed both by the enthusiastic visitors and by the exhibitors themselves, some of whom have already said that they will be back for the 2019 event.


The City of Lugano is the event’s patron, making its own very positive comments about the beginnings of the Swiss Younique, rendering city resources available to organisers and adding further impetus to future editions of the event.


YouNique 2018 brought together in a single exhibition event, four plus, each completing the other to give rise to what was a unique project:


  1. Villa Ciani and its frescoed halls made the perfect vessel for the exhibition of precious and unique object
  2. it provided an extraordinary and emotional journey, as well as a commercial one, with the presence of the work of renowned craftsmen for luxury artefacts from various countries and the unique products of their creation
  3. there featured the important and meticulously conceived cultural project, a “Voyage through Italy”, by Anty Pansera, an acknowledged authority on superior artisan work and design
  4. also included was an area dedicated to a special journey through the outstanding Swiss, Italian and international foods and wines.




The YouNique staff are now at work on the 2019 event and are drawing up a programme to consolidate the success of the first event, while continuing to rely on quality, uniqueness and new ways of exciting all their visitors.”



                                                                           Andrea C. Peri




16th and 17th November 2019, YouNique is back in Lugano and becomes YouNique – Excellent Craftsmanship.


The city of Lugano, its splendid lake and the neoclassical Villa Ciani have conquered the hearts of public and exhibitors, not only with their beauty but because of the ability of Switzerland and Lugano to attract a sophisticated and demanding public with deep pockets.


YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship is the exhibition-event dedicated to high artistic crafts, conceived and curated by YouNique Experience under the direction of Andrea Peri and the advice of Anty Pansera, housed in the neoclassical rooms of Villa Ciani, a fascinating nineteenth-century residence overlooking the Lago Ceresio in the heart of Lugano.


YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship grew out of small and exclusive event dedicated to Excellent Art Craftsmanship where visitors can have the chance to come into face-to-face contact with Master Artisans and hence best appreciate not only the wonderful artefacts showcased, but also the quality and the history that has made these artisans unique in their fields.


It is an emotionally exciting exhibition journey that tells the story of excellence in craftsmanship, in all its artistic forms, leaving the visitor with the sensation of having happened upon workshops in which each artefact comes to life, enjoying the sight of beautiful exhibits while also gaining special access to production processes that the public often remains completely unaware of.



For the 2019 event the imperative is, ever more “quality through 360°”:


  • an important media partnership with “Edizioni Ticino Management” ensures effective targeting of families with high disposable incomes in Milan, Lugano, Canton Ticino and Canton Zurich, which latter area is among the richest of all Switzerland, with excellent high speed rail and motorway communications with Lugano.


  • there is an ever more meticulously selected group of exhibitors


  • a formal request is made to anyone wishing to exhibit, to present their products even more dynamically than in the past, using demonstrations alongside the exhibits, as these are very much appreciated by visitors


  • a richer calendar of events and meetings has been drawn up to ensure the greater involvement of the likes of architects, interior decorators and designers, as well as the City of Lugano, to give the highest possible profile to the event.

YouNique Lugano 2018’s official video



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