YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship

YouNique - Excellent Craftsmanship

the high craftsmanship on display with unique creations for quality and exclusivity

that will unfold along an emotional and charming path

On November 16th and 17th 2019, in the neoclassical halls of Villa Ciani in Lugano, YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship, the exhibition – market dedicated to high international artistic handicraft, will take place after the success of the first edition,.

 With the sponsorship and contribution of the City of Lugano and Lugano Region, is conceived and curated by Andrea Peri and Sonia Gaffuri of Target Management SA, a Swiss company specializing in bespoke projects and events for the world of luxury and excellence.

The event addresses all those who seek the uniqueness and the exclusivity of art in all its forms, from design to fashion to accessories.

YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship  wants to celebrate what is called “artfully done”, that “made by hand” in which creativity dialogues with manual skill, using ancient techniques that still fascinate and interest, reinterpreting them in current and innovative forms.

During the two days in Lugano, it will be possible to admire, purchase, but above all meet and observe the 44 artisans while giving life to their live creations, understanding what it means to be a master of art that preserves history and traditions, but that lives in the present and converses with the contemporary, using at the same time imagination and experience.

Part of the second floor of Villa Ciani will also host the cultural ehibition, “L’Artigian Ingegno, Leonardo between water and land in Friuli” by Elena Agosti, with the scientific direction of Mario Taddei, organized by Confartigianato-Imprese Udine. An ideal compendium at YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship, to celebrate Leonardo’s undisputed genius five hundred years after his death.

For this second edition, an important addition to the exhibition is represented by theYouNique Food & Wine Experience in Ex Asilo Ciani, a few steps from the Villa, a fascinating structure, also neoclassical, where visitors will be led through a food and wine itinerary that aims to highlight above all the excellences vegan, but not only, combining works of art with food.

As in occasion of last edition, as a corollary of the event, YouNique presents YouNique Classic Rendezvous, a meeting between some of the most beautiful vintage cars of all time, which will be held in Piazza Manzoni in Lugano on the morning of Sunday 17 November 2019 to be admired by citizens and tourists of Lugano.

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