YouNique Excellent Craftsmanship

YouNique - Excellent Craftsmanship

the high craftsmanship on display with unique creations for quality and exclusivity

that will unfold along an emotional and charming path

YouNique Artigianalità d’Eccellenza is the exhibition-event dedicated to high artistic crafts, conceived and curated by YouNique Experience under the direction of Andrea Peri and the advice of Anty Pansera, housed in the neoclassical rooms of Villa Ciani, a fascinating nineteenth-century residence overlooking the Lago Ceresio in the heart of Lugano.


Visitors, between Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November 2018, will be able to make a “fantastic journey” through the world of Italian and Swiss craftsmanship, as well as Japanese, German, French and Austrian, discovering how renowned luxury craftsmen can transform glass, iron, bronze, precious stones, pearls, ceramics, fine yarns and leathers in unique pieces of rare beauty and value. These include exclusive “tailor-made” cars and motorbikes with irresistible charm, such as the now legendary FF Berlinetta and SteSil Bike, for those who are not satisfied with cars and motorcycles.

Between Saturday and Sunday there will be workshops and moments in which you can admire the Masters at work in the various stages of processing that lead to the creation of unique and unrepeatable items, as well as, on Sunday, to specialists of two and four wheels “special” “, Moments of meetings and debates with the builders will be proposed … not to be missed!


From all this springs a wonderful path developed on the three floors of Villa Ciani, which speaks of passion and love for beauty made artfully.

Along this path visitors can admire but also buy or order what has most “captured”, obviously being able to request tailor made realizations.

During YouNique nothing will be standard !!!

A corollary of such magnificence could not miss a cultural path curated by Anty Pansera, well known and highly esteemed historical of art and design and an itinerary through the Italian, Swiss and international eno-gastronomic excellences, curated by the sommelier Nicoletta Rossi, who will propose extraordinary tastings.


Outside of Villa Ciani, but still an integral part of the YouNique 2018 program, a meeting of important historical and modern cars will be offered to the citizens of Lugano, tourists and visitors of the event, conceived and curated by Luca Mantovani, “il Garagino “, Set up in the panoramic Piazza Manzoni, in the heart of the city and a stone’s throw from Villa Ciani.


Here too the surprises will not be missed, with unique pieces coming soon !!!

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