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  • L'artigian ingegno - Leonardo fra acqua e terra in Friuli
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L ‘ARTIGIAN INGEGNO, Leonardo between water and land in Friuli

The artistic handicraft of Friuli Venezia Giulia celebrates Leonardo Da Vinci

Exhibition curated by Elena Agosti


This exhibition is a tribute to Leonardo and his talent. By combining his artistic and scientific skills, he is the perfect example of multi-faceted ingenuity: an artist who knew how to observe reality and nature through the eyes of a scientist. He received his training in Verrocchio’s workshop in Florence. A polyhedral activity was carried out in the workshop: from painting to sculptural techniques on stone, from lost wax casting to wood carving, including practising the so-called “minor arts;” but above all, the art of drawing was encouraged. His presence in the “Venices” is narrated by Luca Pacioli in March 1500. He was appointed to design some defence systems against the threats of the Turks. He studied the plan of a mobile dam to be positioned on the Isonzo river, capable of causing floods on the enemy’s strongholds on the mainland, but, due to the high cost of this project, it was never built. Instead, he designed the strengthening of the city walls of Gradisca d’Isonzo. The modern craftsman is required to have the same skills as Leonardo: he must know how to design innovative and functional works, of high aesthetic value. Moreover, just as Leonardo was overwhelmed by a passion for nature, also our craftsmen must pay attention to the origin and traceability of the materials, as well as the sources of energy. When speaking of land and water, the sensitivity of those who have the ability to do things well is conveyed, with a spirit of moral excellence that is inseparable from their respect for the environment.


Dott.ssa Elena Agosti


Here the artisans:

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with the patronage and contribution of:
Lugano Region
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