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Cultural route

Grand Tour: a journey through the traditional ceramics

The Grand Tour

To complete a fascinating itinerary dedicated to high craftsmanship, a fascinating cultural project, still under construction, will be presented.
This itinerary will include Grand Tour, an exhibition, curated by Anty Pansera, Jean Blanchaert and Viola Emaldi, which represents a journey along Italy through its more traditional ceramics. Unique handmade works, according to the stylistic and formal principles of artistic craftsmanship, in the Italian cities of Antica Tradizione Ceramica.

Anty Pansera

Historian and critic of design, with a humanistic training, he has always been moving with a “militant” commitment from the decorative / applied arts to industrial design and has edited publications, exhibitions, reviews and conferences on these issues, also addressing unexplored fields, such as female designing, co-founder and president of the “Associazione D come Design”. From 2012 to 2015, in the Board of the Fondazione Museo del Design of the Triennale, from 2016 in the C.S. of the same body.


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