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Stesil Bike

moto Cheiron
moto Cheiron dettagli
Stesil Bile moto Cheiron dettaglio
stesil bike moto cheiron dettaglio

Cheiron: a top-class Italian hi-tech handcrafted motorcycle
A team that boasts more than 30 years’ experience is the core of SteSil Bike products, entirely developed and manufactured in Italy. High precision and quality are its mission and goal.
Distinguished by aggressive features and valuable materials, Cheiron [ka
ɪrən] (partially transliterated from ancient Greek into “Xeiron”) is a remarkable product, manufactured using sophisticated cutting-edge technology as well as traditional techniques.
Thanks to the attention to design, materials (e.g. Ergal alloy 7075 T6 and carbon fiber) and functionality, this motorcycle by SteSil Bike is an inimitable product. Winner of the Confartigianato Design Awards and of Italian KICK (Italian Championship of Custom Bike Building), Cheiron was exhibited at EXPO Milano.

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