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Atelier Via Maggio

atelier via maggio abito pizzo
atelier via maggio mani che lavorano
atelier via maggio liseuse
atelier via maggio abito notte

Designing unique garments, paying the closest attention to every detail, and creating them with exquisite materials to the finest tailoring standards: this is what Atelier Via Maggio is all about.

Alessandra and her daughter Martina welcome you to Florence, to a workshop that brings together the craftsmanship that permeates the city, and feminine creative flair.

Alessandra and Martina will ensure your visit is a moving and special  experience, offering you a convivial atmosphere and their undivided attention.

Choosing a dress at their atelier is made easier because they are able to provide the very best advice for your particular appearance, your skin tones, and your own unique personality. The dress you emerge with will thus be special and complement, and contribute to, your personal identity.

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